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SAN JOSE, Calif – (April 23 2012) – Introduced at this year’s Amusement Expo in Las Vegas, Shh...! Welcome to Frightfearland Conversion Kits quickly became one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year.  The new product struck a very important cord with all operators and distributors; it is able to convert almost any “old wood” into a new, top-earning, marquee title at a fraction of the cost of a new game. The kit is packaged with everything required to take the most tired, old, frightful games and within a couple of hours can be placed back on location with a new sparkle and refreshed earnings.  Currently shipping are Universal Conversion Kits suitable for most game cabinets and GLOBAL VR Kits which are intended for use in older GLOBAL VR games.

Under license from Taito, Shh...! Welcome to Frightfearland was originally introduced in the United States on March of 2011 where the Amusement Expo audience was delighted by the fresh content and the game’s appeal to audiences of all ages and skill levels.  It brings together addictive game play elements and bad guys that players love to hate...the dreaded “scary clowns”.  Set in a dilapidated amusement park, players have the task of finding and rescuing 100 hostages being kept in the park as they get rid of clowns and other lunatic carnival characters.  As one of the two heroes of the game, players will travel through 15 distinct and beautifully rendered levels, and one bonus level, where they will meet up with 6 bosses in an attempt to find and free the captive characters.  They will also be treated to many mini-games where skill and dexterity add to the score totals.  A two-player cooperative game, this eye catching game boasts high-definition in-game graphics and a simple to use interface appropriate for players of all ages. 

Universal Kits come complete with guns, harnesses, and control panel and all kits contain a FRIGHTFEARLAND PC, artwork, software, and instructions. While GLOBAL VR recommends LCD displays, kits will also support any games with SVGA monitors.

Operators should contact their local distributor for more information on Frightfearland Kits and other GLOBAL VR products.


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