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Using Ubisoft's Far Cry Instincts™ Game Engine GLOBAL VR has developed a visual masterpiece that hits the mark on both excitement and game play

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 15, 2006 - GLOBAL VR, one of the coin-op industry's leading manufacturers of video games, today announced plans for the development of a thrilling new video game based on one the gaming industry's most successful first-person shooter games, Far Cry Instincts™.

Far Cry®, published by Ubisoft, was first introduced to the video gaming world in 2004 and in 2005 the sequel Far Cry Instincts™, hits the streets. In Far Cry Instincts™: Paradise Lost, the storyline identifies Jack Carver, Ex-Special Forces Marine, as the hero. Jack becomes stranded on a mysterious Pacific Island while searching for his female companion and CIA Agent, Valerie Cortez. Valerie went missing after their sailboat was destroyed by mercenaries. The story's villain, Dr. Kreger, a certifiable mad scientist, has turned this island paradise into a research lab. It is his intention to create a virus that will alter human genetics thereby creating a super-race of beings completely under his control. Dr. Kerger's ambition is to take over the world; Jack Carver's job is to stop him.

In single player mode, players embody Jack Carver and will have the opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful and engaging worlds ever created and utilize one of 12 primary weapons and five secondary weapons. In the game, players run from bunker to bunker dodging enemy fire and taking out strategic locations on the island in their effort to stop the Doctor. The character of Valerie Cortez will join Carver in game-play on Paradise Lost deluxe units during cooperative play modes. A total of 50 missions will be available on five different and equally exotic islands each challenging and entertaining players.

A long time fan of the Far Cry Instincts™ franchise, Jeff Shotwell, the game producer states, "This coin-op version provides players the opportunity to engage in totally immersive game-play not possible in the home version, plus it has a brand new storyline." He also offers, "The game platform will include high definition monitor on deluxe systems and surround sound so realistic players will feel like they are right in the middle of the action. This is going to be fun!"

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