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Video Pinball game earns accolades from the coin-op industry for its authenticity and innovation

SAN JOSE, Calif – (October 12, 2006) -- As a part of the Amusement and Music Operators Association annual tradeshow, the coveted Innovators Award was again given.  This year, three companies whose products demonstrated innovation and opportunity for the coin-op industry were given the honor of being publicly recognized for their achievements.  GLOBAL VR and its phenomenal new product, UltraPin, were pleased to be a part of the trio of award winners who were identified for their contributions to the industry. 

Jim DeRose, GLOBAL VR President and CEO accepted the award on behalf of the company and the UltraPin Team members.   “It is truly an honor to have been selected as a winner of the Innovator Award.  Equally important is that we are a part of an industry that recognizes such outstanding achievements,” DeRose commented.  He went on to say, “GLOBAL VR has worked very hard to provide our distributor and operator communities with quality products that present new revenue and profit opportunities and a brand new gaming experience for players.  We are quite certain that UltraPin will deliver both!”

The UltraPin video pinball game electronically replicates original pinball game action.   Game tables from the top names in the industry such as Attack from Mars®, F-14 Tomcat®, Medieval Madness®, Sorcerer™, Strikes and Spares™, and Xenon™ are all a part of the product offering.  Each game is completely authentic in game play and in pinball movement.  Patent pending technology simulates the precise movement of the pinball when hit by the flippers, when it comes in contact with wood, metal or other play table parts, or when it is bumped or nudged by a player. 

Brian Matthews, UltraPin Game Producer shares, “We have been able to develop a product that plays like an original pinball game but with one big advantage --- it has no moving parts.  It’s a dream for any operator who has pinball games in his/her locations.”  Matthews continued, “Everyone knows that service is generally a major concern for pinball operators but we are pleased to say that those issues are non-existent with UltraPin.  This is one instance where if you think it’s too good to be true --- it’s not.  You only have to see it to believe it.”

Customers wanting more information about UltraPin or other GLOBAL VR products please visit or contact your local GLOBAL VR distributor.


About GLOBAL VR - Founded in 1998 and headquartered in San Jose, California, GLOBAL VR® is the world's leading manufacturer of coin-operated video games based on home gaming technology.  Through the development of proprietary technology GLOBA VR is able to leverage the massive investment in development of home games by third party developers to make them suitable for play in out-of-home locations. Development agreements are in place with the world's leading game publishers Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:ERTS), Ubisoft, Atari (NASDAQ:ATAR) that provide exclusive rights to create coin-op versions of popular home games such as EA SPORTS™ PGA TOUR® GOLF, NEED FOR SPEED™, Beach Head and Operation Blockade.  Attack from Mars, F-14 Tomcat, Medieval Madness, Sorcerer, Strikes and Spares, and Xenon are trademarks of Williams Electronics Games, Inc.. Used with permission from Williams Electronics Games, Inc.  All rights reserved.  More information on GLOBAL VR can be found at

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