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September 2004 -- San Jose, CA -- The #1 sports videogame of all time, with over 37 million copies sold, is coming to coin-op, courtesy of GLOBAL VR®. EA SPORTS™ MADDEN NFL™ FOOTBALL is now on display in distributor showrooms, with the first orders shipping in late August.

“EA SPORTS™ MADDEN NFL™ FOOTBALL is a street piece that has the potential to be a huge blockbuster for coin-op,” says GLOBAL VR® CEO, Milind Bharvirkar. “This product has an incredible built-in following with players. Over 800,000 accounts were created to play the Madden 2004 videogame online, and these are not typical players—it is a lifestyle for them. The popularity of the MADDEN NFL™ series really transcends the gaming industry and reaches out into Middle America,” states Bharvirkar.

EA SPORTS™ MADDEN NFL™ FOOTBALL delivers a real stadium, NFL experience like never offered before. “This is not the home version of Madden, and it’s very different from other coin-op football products,” says Bharvirkar. EA SPORTS™ MADDEN NFL™ FOOTBALL takes the player experience to an entirely different level with accurate 2004—2005 team rosters, earth-shattering deluxe audio, 49-way digital control and stunningly rendered graphics.

If you thought you knew Madden, organized competitive events will change that. In an effort to work cooperatively to generate enthusiasm and acceptance for EA SPORTS™ MADDEN NFL™ FOOTBALL, GLOBAL VR® will be joining its partner, Electronic Arts™, at selected locations on the 32-city tour this year that is known to player fans as Madden Challenge. Both entities will also take advantage of the opportunity to cross-promote to audiences. Whereas Electronic Arts hosts Monday night events, in September, GLOBAL VR® will be making provision for Tuesday Night Football tournaments. In these one-day, 24-hour events, players will replay the Monday night match-up while competing for a $1,000 prize pool.

National cash prize tournaments will also begin in September, with free tournament connectivity to operators until January 31, 2005. Based on a monthly schedule, tournaments will be scored based upon point differential, yardage difference and performance points—a GVR exclusive feature*! EA SPORTS™ MADDEN NFL™ FOOTBALL will also introduce a player card system to store data that is universal to all GLOBAL VR® online games.

Initial shipments of EA SPORTS™ MADDEN NFL™ FOOTBALL will be limited. Operators should contact their GLOBAL VR® Distributor to place orders.

For further information please contact:

Barb Roy
Phone: (408) 597-3400 ext: 2409
Fax: (408) 597-3431

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