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GLOBAL VR Ceases Countersuit

September 9, 2004 -- San Jose, CA -- In order to hasten the resolution of the lawsuit brought against GLOBAL VR® by rival game manufacturer Incredible Technologies™, GLOBAL VR® has opted to voluntarily dismiss its counterclaims asserted in that litigation. In its counterclaims, GLOBAL VR® alleged that IT™ was taking steps to maintain its monopoly position in the coin-operated video game market by preventing GLOBAL VR® from competing effectively.

GLOBAL VR® counterclaims included allegations that IT™ made false and disparaging comments to customers and potential customers about GLOBAL VR® and EA SPORTS™ PGA TOUR® GOLF, and that IT™ asserted copyright and trade dress infringement claims against GLOBAL VR® for the sole purpose of competitively injuring the company. In light of the Court’s finding that IT™ “cannot show any likelihood of success on the merits” of its claims, GLOBAL VR® believes that continuing to pursue its counterclaims will unnecessarily increase the complexity and costs of the litigation going forward. Therefore, although GLOBAL VR® believes it could prevail on any pursued claims, the company has elected to simplify the litigation by dropping its counterclaims

“While we believe our claims have merit, our energy and resources are better expended on product development and promotion,” says CEO Milind Bharvirkar. “Traditionally, ours is not a litigious industry, so it’s unfortunate that our competitors have chosen to compete through lawsuits. We prefer to compete by creating viable products for the marketplace.”

GLOBAL VR® has been experiencing rapid growth with the introduction of fresh products, innovative features, and new methods for supporting its platforms. “It’s important for us to maintain our priorities and not become distracted by outside interferences as we push towards attaining the goals that are really what GLOBAL VR® stands for—providing dynamic, inventive, quality products to the coin-op community,” says sales VP, Lou Rudolph.

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