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GLOBAL VR Introduces Universal Players’ Card

September 7, 2004 -- San Jose, CA -- GLOBAL VR® announces that a new players’ card format will ship with all products, starting with EA SPORTS™ MADDEN NFL™ FOOTBALL. The secure card features a data chip and magnetic stripe that will allow players to store information across all GLOBAL VR® games.

GLOBAL VR® Chief Technology Officer, Aaron Baker, says that the new format will afford players more options and greater flexibility with how they use their data. “We can enrich the players’ experience by introducing access to new play modes and features that keep them coming back to the games and locations,” says Baker.

Milind Bharvirkar, President of GLOBAL VR said, "The International market holds enormous potential for GLOBAL VR products. The ability to add an individual with Lou's experience is a coup!"

“The new players’ card is making its debut with EA SPORTS™ MADDEN NFL™ FOOTBALL, but it will cross all GLOBAL VR® games including new, upcoming titles like the top-selling consumer racing game, Need For Speed Underground and EA SPORTS™ PGA TOUR® GOLF 2005, plus a few other hot sports titles that are in the works,” says Product Marketing Director, Wes Harris.

More information on how the players’ card may be purchased and used will become available soon on the GLOBAL VR® website at

For further information please contact:

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