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First GLOBAL VR Hosted North American Championship Coming to Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

July 19, 2004 -- San Jose, CA --Prominent San Jose, California-based video game manufacturer, GLOBAL VR®, announces the chosen location for the North American Championship, video golf tournament. This November, video golfers from all over North America and Canada will come together to compete for a prize pool of $100,000 in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the first annual, North American Championship.

The inaugural championship will kick off the weekend of November 12—14 from Las Vegas’ exciting Hard Rock Hotel & Casino where artists such as Morrissey, Sting and Dido have performed, and personalities such as Howard Stern and Carson Daly have broadcast.

Milind Bharvirkar, President of GLOBAL VR said, "The International market holds enormous potential for GLOBAL VR products. The ability to add an individual with Lou's experience is a coup!"

There are two ways by which video gamers may qualify for the North American Championship—via 2-week tournaments or through World Tour. GLOBAL VR sponsors back-to-back national tournaments that award $20,000 in prize monies every 2 weeks in US and Canadian tournament-enabled regions where players may qualify. Another way to qualify is through new play mode, World Tour, where a player completes all 19 courses to establish a handicap ranking.

The top 30 high score spots qualify to compete in the North American Championship. Players ranked 31—36 go to Vegas as alternates. World Tour qualifiers will combine with the 34 qualifiers from GLOBAL VR 2-week national tournaments to compete at this event. Players interested in learning more about how to qualify though 2-Week Tournaments or via World Tour can visit the website at , or e-mail Senior Product Marketing Manager, Evan Steiner at for more details.

For further information please contact:

Evan Steiner
Phone: (408) 597-3400 ext: 2443
Fax: (408) 597-3431

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