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September 20, 2001 -- San Jose, CA -- Global VR confirmed today that its VR Vortek has become one of the hottest selling arcade games on the planet. According to CEO Milind Bharvirkar, collection reports from locations across the country are proving that the VR Vortek is a winner.

Recent collection reports show the VR Vortek Standard earning in excess of $1,000 per week in a truck stop in the Midwest. It has also been the number one earning game at a Southern California mall arcade for seven straight weeks, and in the top five in dozens of locations around the country. Some larger adult-oriented entertainment chains have reported revenues in excess of $2,500 a week on the Vortek Deluxe.

"We are starting to see large distributor orders come in on a regular basis," said Mike Taylor, Global VR's new vice-president of sales. "We feel that we have a huge hit on our hands. When you consider that locations are seeing a return on investment of less than ten weeks on the unit and then you factor in the replaceable software system, every arcade operator in the country will want several Vorteks on their floor."

Global VR also announced that it intends to preview a new software title for the VR Vortek at the upcoming AMOA show in Las Vegas in October. This will be the fourth game available for the VR Vortek, making it the most flexible gaming system on the market. Global VR is the leading manufacturer of virtual reality arcade games. The company's VR Vortek is the world's first walk-up, coin-operated virtual reality system. Utilizing a PC platform with a boom-mounted display, the VR Vortek offers location owners the benefit of infinitely interchangeable titles in a non-attended simulator. Offered in the VR Vortek Deluxe, Standard and 3D cabinets, VR Vortek offers players a truly immersive 3D experience with force-feedback and is now available with three different software titles: Heavy Gear II, SIN and Beachhead 2000.Global VR also recently unveiled two new football simulators, Red Zone Offense and Split the Uprights. Based on a proprietary motion sensor technology, players use a real football to either throw touchdowns or kick field goals in a virtual football stadium.

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