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September 4, 2001 -- San Jose, CA -- Global VR announced today that it has hired former Atari executive Mike Taylor to head its worldwide sales efforts. Mike Taylor was Vice President of Sales for Atari Games from 1986 until 1999. While at Atari, he was instrumental in the success of such classic games as Road Blasters, Rolling Thunder, Steel Talons, and Road Riot as well as the more recent hits: Hoop It Up, Area 51, San Francisco Rush, California Speed, and Gauntlet.

"Mike will work closely with both distributors and operators to insure that we remain focused on issues that are most important to them: strong earnings, game longevity and solid reliability" said Global VR CEO Milind Bharvirkar. "Mike's experience in the arcade industry will prove invaluable to us as we continue to push the envelope of growth. Sales of our VR Vortek line of games is exploding. We also have two new software titles and two entirely new platforms to unveil to the industry in the next several months. We needed someone with Mike's knowledge of the industry's distribution channel to maximise our reach in the marketplace."

After a short stint outside the amusement industry, Mr. Taylor is ready to tackle the challenge of helping guide an up-and-coming contender to the traditional Japanese powerhouses like SEGA and Konami. "I am delighted to be back in the business. One of the things that attracted me was that Global VR has a strong compliment of talent. I especially look forward to working closely with Milind Bharvirkar, who I truly believe will become a leader in bringing innovative coin-op product to the operators. It will be equally rewarding working closely with many of my past acquaintances in the coin-op business. I am highly confident that Global VR's business model of pc-based systems coupled with replaceable software is the answer to the industry's needs."

Mike also spent 3 years on the creation of Tengen, a subsidiary of Atari Games, that launched Atari's video game hits into the home consumer platforms of Nintendo and Sega. He was instrumental in selling Tengen's product line into Target,Wal-Mart and many other retailers. "Mike also comes to us with experience in selling through to the home markets", added Bharvirkar. "My vision for Global VR sees us ultimately getting in to the home game development arena. Mike's intimate knowledge of that distribution channel will help us to accelerate those plans, so that we can take advantage of the unprecedented growth forecast for the home gaming industry."

Recent industry forecasts project the interactive gaming industry to explode from $15 billion in 2001 to $35 billion in 2003. Much of that growth is projected to come from the sales of games for next generation gaming systems: X-BOX from Microsoft, GameCube from Nintendo, and the recently released Sony Playstation 2.

Global VR is the leading manufacturers of virtual reality arcade games. The company's VR Vortek is the world's first walk-up, coin-operated virtual reality system. Utilizing a PC platform with a boom-mounted display, the VR Vortek offers location owners the benefit of infinitely interchangeable titles in a non-attended simulator. Offered in the VR Vortek Deluxe, Standard and 3D cabinets, VR Vortek offers players a truly immersive 3D experience with force-feedback and is now available with three different software titles: Heavy Gear II, SIN and the recent top-earner, Beachhead 2000.

Global VR recently announced a four year deal with Electronic Arts to develop a series of games based on EA SPORTS Tiger Woods PGA Tour and will begin production of two new football simulators, Red Zone Offense and Split the Uprights. Based on a patented motion sensor technology, players use a real football to either throw touchdowns or kick field goals in a virtual football stadium.

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