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November 19, 2003 -- San Jose, CA--GLOBAL VRT, manufacturer and developer of video games for the coin-op market, today stunned the industry by announcing the immediate availability of EA SPORTS™ PGA TOURŪ GOLF Conversion Kits.

The conversion kit technology has been under development for well over a year and has been in test for several months. Developing this product has been one of the company's primary objectives and demonstrates the commitment GLOBAL VR has to the video golf market and to the operator community. "We've been focused on delivering a quality product that provides a very rapid return on investment and quality that will astound even confirmed skeptics," stated Milind Bharvirkar, GLOBAL VR's President and CEO. "We've heard from operators that "kits" is what the industry is looking they're here. I can say with 100% confidence that when operators see EA SPORTS™ PGA TOURŪ GOLF running on their old cabinets, they won't believe their eyes!"

The heart of the Conversion Kit is a JAMMA Converter Board which will take any standard JAMMA game and enable it to run EA SPORTS™ PGA TOURŪ GOLF Championship Edition. Operators can now convert any old games running SVGA, EGA and even low resolution CGA monitors with amazing results. It's hard to tell a converted cabinet from the original high resolution SVGA version of EA SPORTS™ PGA TOURŪ GOLF Championship Edition. In addition to the JAMMA board, the kit also contains the premium PC used in the dedicated cabinet, a track ball, cabinet graphics (including control panel, side panel and marquee, which can be trimmed to fit most standard cabinets) as well as game buttons and
EA SPORTS™ PGA TOURŪ GOLF Championship Edition Software.

"Our EA SPORTS™ PGA TOURŪ GOLF Conversion Kits will breathe new life into old products," stated Caryn Mical,
GLOBAL VR's Vice President of Marketing. She went on to explain, "Operators know, and we understand, how important an investment in equipment is. Taking old products and turning them into a new revenue opportunity is exactly what our customers want and what we can now deliver."

EA SPORTS™ PGA TOURŪ Conversion Kit is available today and can be purchased from any GLOBAL VR distributor. Financing is also available. Call your local distributor for more information.

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