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GLOBAL VR Supercharges Need For Speed

May 18, 2004--SAN JOSE, Calif., -- GLOBAL VRT announces the release of a "supercharged" version of its popular driver. Need For Speed™GT ramps up the cars' handling, introduces four new cars, and adds several new and improved features.

The GT, or Grand Touring version of Need For Speed will feature three new sports cars and a police cruiser: The Porsche 911 Turbo; the Mercedes CLK-GTR; the McLaren F1; and, complete with flashing lights and wailing siren, a Ford Crown Victoria cop car. The Viper will also always be unlocked.

Producer, John Ray, says, "The cars are much faster and they stick to the road better." The game also features more spectacular collisions. Now, "wiping out" can observably cause everything from wrinkled, floppy trunk lids to crumpled front grills and fenders. Drivers can survey damage by using the lookback view button to alternate between front and rear perspectives.

Players can now select Shadow Attack mode to race against the shadow of the best player on that cabinet. The best player's name is displayed during racing. John Ray explains, "If a player beats the shadow, he then becomes the shadow that other drivers must race against. It's an exciting feature. When players are neck and neck, it creates a lot of adrenaline." Shadow Attack mode also features its own separate high score table.

Players can now more easily access option buttons to adjust the handling to suit their skill level. Three categories exist including normal, advanced and expert.

A way to get ahead in the game is to take advantage of the Clean Driving Boost. This feature adds a "boost" to the driving speed as a reward to players for not hitting walls. It also, however, takes boost away as accidents occur. Players can earn up to five stages of boost.

As physical attributes go, the cabinet will sport a sleek new marquee, showcasing the Need For Speed GT labeling. Operators should contact their local distributors for an upgrade kit.

For further information please contact:

Barb Roy
Phone: (408) 597-3400 ext: 2409
Fax: (408) 597-3431

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