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Six-Gun Select Platform Ensures "Revolving" Bang for Buck

March 31, 2004---San Jose, CA GLOBAL VRT announces the release of Six-Gun SelectT with an old west inspired, upgradeable platform. The game is PC-based and does not use laserdisks. While the cabinet features Fast Draw Showdown along with the availability of The Last Bounty Hunter, there will be more western-themed games to follow which will help retain the cabinet's "freshness" for players.

At first glance, Six-Gun Select's host game, Fast Draw Showdown, appears reminiscent of an old television movie. With live actors appearing everywhere from saloons and street fronts to outhouses (yes, I said "outhouses"), the staging for the gunfight scenes is realistic and, obviously, occasionally humorous. The game's comedic quality carries over into the witty banter displayed by the screen villains as they goad would-be challengers to duel.

As players come face to face with the outlaws, the goal is to shoot before being shot. With three levels of difficulty-deputy, sheriff and marshal-nine rounds, and 54 different opponents, the game is approachable to all categories of players. "The game plays very easily. There isn't a steep learning curve. This game should appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike. Pro gamers will like the challenge of the more difficult levels while non-gamers will enjoy the humor," says producer, Jeff Shotwell.

Players need to be careful not to become too "trigger happy" because, similarly to how "foot faults" in the game of tennis result in penalties, if a player continually draws the gun from its holster prematurely, he won't be able to proceed to the next round. Producer, Jeff Shotwell shares, "It is an easy game to learn but it's difficult to master." In order to progress to the final round, a player must either achieve a degree of skill or, risk going out with a bang (literally) when confronted by Wes Flowers, one of the fastest guns alive.

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