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GLOBAL VR Super Sizes its Lineup

March 30, 2004---San Jose, CA GLOBAL VRT announces the expansion of its line of deluxe cabinets just in time for vacation season. In addition to EA SPORTS™ PGA TOURŪ GOLF, which has been on the market for some time, Need For Speed™ and Six-Gun SelectT will now round out the company's deluxe product line.

"Because of their dynamic design and presence, the deluxe version games tend to draw players when they gather for social or competitive play. Viewed on the large, 33"or 39" Wells-Garner monitors, the attract animation on these cabinets can't help but encourage interest," said GLOBAL VR Senior Industrial Designer, Mark Gruber.

Special attention has also been given to other features including cabinet graphics, signage and sound. "Compared to the upright versions, the deluxe Six-Gun has more decals around the "hitching post", an 8" subwoofer with powered amp and a backlit marquee. The deluxe Need For Speed has a large, molded marquee/monitor bezel and a three-piece layout which creates a more dramatic footprint in the arcade," shared Gruber.

EA SPORTS PGA TOUR GOLF is already tournament capable and Need For Speed deluxe will also be tournament play compatible.

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