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March 30, 2004---San Jose, CA GLOBAL VRT previewed tournament play on Need For Speed™ at the Amusement Showcase International (ASI) tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada by hosting an ongoing daily competitive event on four of its cabinets. The event was meant to serve as a precursor to what can be expected when formal tournaments are implemented in the future. "Online racing machines have traditionally increased cabinet earnings by about 40-50%. We expect even greater results because Need For Speed™ will be the first driving game to award national cash prizes," suggested GLOBAL VR™ President and CEO, Milind Bharvirkar.

At the close of each day, winners were determined based on the best times. In this case, the race definitely went to the swift. Josh Derrick, Joey Cuellar and Jim Belsito all earned bragging rights along with nice prize packages at the March 2004 competitions for their winning race times-Belsito's being the fastest clocked at 1:34.529.

Tournament players got to man the sleek Mercedes CLK-GTRT racecar on the scenic and winding Calypso Coast track. The driver's race claiming the top score would then become the "shadow car" path that other players must compete against. Given Need For Speed'sT genuine sports car imaging and true-to-life graphics, the competitions became very "real" and engaging to onlookers and players alike. "The preview of Need For Speed™ Tournament Play really exceeded my expectations. Players were not just competitive; they were passionate about posting the best time. These guys literally spent hours on the machines, trying new shortcuts and finding the best racing line. As they fought course conditions, they would physically turn and scowl at other drivers. This is a great sign that the national tournaments on Need For Speed™ are going to be huge!" observed Director of Product Marketing, Wes Harris.

Prizes included a GLOBAL VR™ canvas logo bag, Need For Speed™ t-shirt, pen and key chain set and a scale model of the sporty, Mercedes CLK-GTRT racecar. Tuesday through Thursday tournament winners were as follows: Josh Derrick, Fast Track Amusements, with a time of 1:36.666; Joey Cuellar, Game Over Entertainment, with a time of 1:35.233; and Jim Belsito, PS Vending, with a time of 1:34.529.

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