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March 1, 2002 -- San Jose, CA -- GLOBAL VR is pleased to announce the launch of Beach Head 2002, the highly anticipated sequel to America's # 1 earning game, Beach Head 2000. The launch will take place at Amusement Showcase International in Las Vegas from March 6-8.

As reported in September of 2001, after the release of Beach Head 2000, the Company experienced a major increase in distributor orders and in many locations the game (in the Vortek Deluxe) was earning in excess of $1000 per week. It remains a strong earner in all our locations cross-country. The follow-up will unquestionably match, if not exceed its predecessor in sales and earnings.

Beach Head 2002 once again puts players in the position of a lone soldier, now charged with defending a vital inland command post against an imminent airborne assault. With the beach invasion repulsed, players are sent to the rear for some well-deserved R&R. The enemy, however, has other plans. Mightily annoyed at having their invasion scuttled, they are determined to launch an all-out airborne assault in the rear. The rear echelon reward turns into a nightmare as the enemy begins an all-out assault on with wave after wave of paratroopers, infantry, tanks, armored cars, helicopters and gunships converging onto the battlefield. Adding to the madness is the re-introduction of the player's former drill sergeant, who's exclusive assignment is to "inspire" and "motivate" players once again.

Milind Bharvirkar, President and C.E.O of Global VR said, "The anticipation in the arcade community relating to the launch of Beach Head 2002 is enormous. The fan base of the first game will inevitably spill over to the new one helping it to maintain its place as one of the best game series ever."

GLOBAL VR is the leading manufacturers of virtual reality arcade games. The company's VR Vortek is the world's first walk-up, coin-operated virtual reality system. Utilizing a PC platform with a boom-mounted display, the VR Vortek offers location owners the benefit of infinitely interchangeable titles in a non-attended simulator. Offered in the VR Vortek Deluxe, Standard and 3D cabinets, VR Vortek offers players a truly immersive 3D experience with force-feedback and is now available with five different software titles: Beach Head 2002, Beachhead 2000. Heavy Gear II, SIN and another new title, Incoming!

GLOBAL VR will also launch its brand new sports platform featuring EA SPORTS Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2002 at A.S.I. This strongly anticipated game is sure to capture the attention of arcade golf fans worldwide.

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Wes Harris
Phone: (408) 597-3400 ext: 2443
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