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Celebrated Game Industry Veteran Joins GLOBAL VR

June 17, 2004 -- San Jose, CA -- Upwardly mobile coin-op game manufacturer, GLOBAL VR™, announces the appointment of celebrated game industry veteran, RJ Mical, as Vice President of Technology. Mical is recognized for his innovations in the home entertainment market, his leadership abilities and his software engineering and development expertise.

RJ Mical began establishing himself as an industry presence by taking on software engineering roles early in his career. Starting with his work at Amiga Computer, RJ began the process of firmly cementing his status as an inventor and valuable industry figure. Subsequent to his numerous contributions at Amiga, other career highlights include his involvement in the co-creation of the Lynx Handheld Game System, and co-invention of the 3DO gaming platform.

In reference to Mical's responsibilities at GLOBAL VR, Chief Technology Officer, Aaron Baker, states, "RJ is driving all of our new technology innovation efforts. He is responsible for making sure our developers have the tools and technologies they need to deliver the next generation experience, business model and services that our customers and players have come to expect."

Mical's extensive experience with startups affords him a unique perspective for reflective comparison. "GLOBAL VR is in that magical period where it is no longer a baby company but it's also not some stodgy conglomerate that has a big ship to sail, that is plowing through the water, and is difficult to shift in direction. The company's still small enough to be able to remain flexible and to be quick to react to market conditions and the opportunities that spring up out of nowhere. And, yet, there's already a maturity there and a sophistication in the approach to solutions that keep the company moving forward."

President and CEO, Milind Bharvirkar is enthusiastic about what Mical brings to the company. "RJ has an unbelievable passion for the industry, and an incredible history of inventing trend-setting entertainment products. We look forward to his involvement in helping GLOBAL VR reach new milestones."

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