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New Need For Speed GT Game Drives Up Earnings

June 15, 2004 -- San Jose, CA -- Recent reports suggest that the GT version of the popular, GLOBAL VR™ driver, Need For Speed™, is making its presence known to the player community and driving up earnings for locations. "Feedback is very positive and player acceptance is increasing," says Director of Sales, Scott Walker.

One venue reports that the driver was responsible for about 40% of the arcade's entire take initially, and that it continues to out earn all of the other drivers. "The new GT version has the fastest cars I've ever seen on any racing game and, I'm a 20-year veteran. The new version is also more geared towards the arcade," says Video Bob of Video Bob's Starbase Arcade in San Rafael, CA.

GLOBAL VR has taken the time to fine tune and supercharge this driver-players (and ultimately, the locations' cashboxes) are reflecting that. "The new sit-down Need For Speed GT is the best driver to be offered since Atari/Midway closed!" shares location owner, Bob Albritton. GLOBAL VR Operations VP, Michael Hernandez confirms that news of the new upgrade has improved sales for the company.

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