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July 11, 2002 -- San Jose, CA -- GLOBAL VR officially entered the video golf market in July with the unveiling of the new EA SPORTS PGA TOUR Golf game during a distributor meeting held in scenic Half Moon Bay, California. According to President Milind Bharvirkar, distributors from across North America arrived at the Ritz Carlton golf resort, eager to try what has been described as the most anticipated coin-op game of all time.

The game, featuring 11 PGA TOUR Pros and five PGA TOUR courses including famed Pebble Beach, was described as nothing short of stunning. The video effects were so realistic that video golfers did a double-take make sure what they were viewing was computer-generated instead of a video feed from the course outside.

"This is definitely a winner - right out of the gate. And being here in Half Moon Bay, with the waves crashing next to this beautiful golf course, really left a positive impression," said attendee Darren Vogts of New Orleans Novelty.

Distributors attending the show included industry-giants Betson, Brady and Mountain Coin, as well as Canada's Microplayground. Top-ranked video-golf players from across the continent spent the day raving about GLOBAL VR's new game.

"You get to play real PGA courses - that got my attention immediately," said Jim Johnson. "I watch the Masters every year. I see Augusta or Pebble Beach in the U.S. Open...with PGA Tour Golf, I get a chance to play the Pebble Beach course in a very realistic fashion."

GLOBAL VR announced shipments of the game began on August 15th, with the first Internet tournament scheduled for October 1. GLOBAL VR will also be exhibiting the game at the upcoming AMOA show in Las Vegas, September 19-21, complete with a demonstration of the tournament system.

GLOBAL VR is the world's leading manufacturer of coin-operated video games based on home PC gaming technology. With the exploding home gaming market expected to approach $35 billion worldwide, GLOBAL VR is leveraging the massive investment in development of games expected to trigger a renaissance in the out-of-home video game industry. GLOBAL VR has development agreements with the world's leading game publishers, including Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS), Activision (NASDAQ:ATVI) Infogrames (NASDAQ :IFGM) and Rage (FTSE:RGE). These agreements give Global VR the exclusive rights to create coin-op versions of popular home games such as EA SPORTS Tiger Woods PGA TOUR, Heavy Gear and Incoming.

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