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GLOBAL VR Announces Houston Open Tournament Winners

April 9, 2004---San Jose, CA Pro video golfer, Dan Reid, stole top honors in the February 2004 Houston Open PGA TOURŪ GOLF tournament that took place at Forgetta Bout It in Houston, Texas. GLOBAL VR™ contributed an initial $10,000 to the cash prize pool. Cash prize winners were as follows: In 5th and 6th place, Tom Kostos and Kevin Nored took home $750 each; in 4th place was Jerry Arney earning $1000; Tim Shannon claimed 3rd place, receiving $1600; Daniel Gralapp came in 2nd, coming away with $2200 in prize earnings, while Dan Reid took home the grand prize winnings of $3,000.

A warm-up shootout event on the EA SPORTS™ PGA TOURŪ GOLF Championship Edition II kicked off the weekend festivities on Friday, February 27. An impressive turnout of about 50 players showed up, ready to compete. Gameplay began with four flights of eight players each, then, through the elimination process, narrowed down to the top two players from each flight. Claiming the shootout event victory was Dan Harkey.

Saturday, February 28 marked the commencement of the actual tournament event featuring three qualifying golf courses-Two Real courses: Sawgrass, best known for its memorable island green on hole 17, and Colonial CC, known for its bent grass greens and long rolls; and one fantasy course: Black Rock Cove, a pacific island paradise complete with curving fairways, modest greens and flowing volcanic lava!

Players got one shot at each course then scores were combined from all three courses to determine each player's ranking for finals. "Competition was hot!" relayed GLOBAL PLUS Producer, James Kucera. "You definitely had the more highly skilled players there. People came from as far as Ohio, Florida, California-a couple people even came from Canada!"

On Sunday, February 29, the finals were heated with head-to-head match play and double elimination rounds. The games featured random settings so that the courses would rotate. When asked what he thought about the tournament courses, winner, Dan Reid, had this to say, "Black Rock Cove for the qualifier was really tough. The way the conditions were set up was very challenging." On the whole, pro video golfer, Reid spent about three days (the equivalent of 15-20 games) practicing in preparation for the Houston tournament event.

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